The years spent at university are some of the most stressful yet exhilarating and awakening of many young adults lives. It’s a time to meet new people and figure out who you are and what you want to stand for, as cliche as it sounds, it’s pretty true.

One of the best ways to take that experience, amplify and accelerate it is through a student exchange program abroad. Not only do you get to go to another country but you also get to experience what it is truly like to live and embrace a foreign culture and its people.

A great place to study abroad is in the USA because the culture and language is not so foreign that it hinders your ability to learn and study yet it still brings with it enough of a culture shock that warrants a sense of achievement at the end.

Studying in the United State is a dream of hundreds of thousands of students around the world. There are many things to plan out before you go. For example, which university you want to go, how to choose health insurance, and what to do after graduation.

A lot of schools provide their own health insurance plans. In reality, however, the health insurance is not suitable for every individual, and the price of American health insurance (aka 美国医保价格) recommended by schools is usually higher than the marketplace price. These health insurance companies in the market provide equivalent health insurance options that enable international students to select the fittest and waive and save money.

The most frequently asked question with regards to applying for a job after graduation is whether or not to have some work experience in the US. No matter your final decision is, I believe that will be the most appropriate decision you make. If you choose to return back to your home country, there is no problem with your visa. however, if you choose to stay in the US after graduation and is about to work in a US company, an OPT insurance (aka opt保险) is highly recommended to purchase.

The Huhu Insurance (aka 虎虎保险) provides Huhu International Student Health Insurance (aka 虎虎留学生保险) to international students who are studying in the USA. This student health insurance plan offers coverage on an annual basis that will meet many American college insurance (aka 美国大学保险) requirements. The company also have OPT Health Insurance Recommendation (aka opt保险推荐).