Though ageing is a natural process no one likes it. Getting wrinkles on forehead, around the eye line, lips are the common problems of ageing. If you have the same problem, then Botox is your solution.

Botox made from botulin is medically used to treat muscular treatment and preventing wrinkles by paralyzing facial muscles. They are famous because of excellent results, minimum downtime and least or no side effects. If you have decided to get a botox treatment, then here are 10 important things you must know before going for botox.

  • The source of injectable

Is your doctor an official vendor of injectables? Are they purchased from branded or certified companies? Know whether your injectable has any potential danger or have expired or contaminated.

  • Price of the botox

We all have the habit of bargaining, but the same doesn’t work with botox. Remember that, if the price of your botox is extremely low then you might be getting the diluted product. It is said that the price of the treatment in the metropolitan is higher than in other regions. Moreover, the price of the product used depends on the unit of the product not on the zones on which it is applied.

  • What to avoid pre-injection and post-injection?

Everything you should know about botox medicine include pre as well as post-injection care. There are not a few things but a plethora of things you should avoid before undergoing treatment. Following are a few things to avoid –

  • Anticoagulants- prevent antipyretics such as aspirin and ibuprofen since they inhibit blood clotting and increase the risk of bruising.
  • Fish oil
  • Multi-vitamins
  • Green tea
  • Cinnamon
  • Ginger
  • Red wine

The solution takes 3-5 days to show results. Post care is crucial to keep the treatment positive. Remember not to use makeup, wash your hair, exercise, lying down or messing with the injected zones. Getting botox between the eyebrows can cause temporary dizziness called botox buzz.

  • Consultation

See if your dermatologist asks for frowning, smiling, and making other facial expressions. Most physicians usually prefer to have a conversation with their patients to note their natural facial movement. Is your doctor doing the same?

  • Prevention is better than cure!

There is no recommended age for using botox. Taking botox earlier can prevent the risk of getting wrinkles during ageing. Doctors say that it preserves the skin and prevents the formation of lines but it works for a few months, you have to undergo the treatment again to prevent ageing.